Mind Mapping Apps

Mind-mapping / concept mapping is a great tool to have. Here are some free online applications to help layout your ideas!


Mind-mapping is a great tool to help layout your ideas. I didn’t quite understand the value of it until I went to grad school, but now I appreciate the illustrative thought process and organization it can allow. Here are some applications I found for free online that you can use for your own concept maps!


Screen capture of a mind map consisting of green square bubbles and a grey menu



Grey screen with a blue box surrounded by small white boxes to create a blank mind map


Blue screen with three mindmaps. Each mind map has either a pink, orange, or blue border with white centres and black type.


Dragon: Text to Speech Application

Dragon Dictate is an application you can use to control a computer or smartphone by voice command and to transcribe speech.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is an application that allows you to operate a computer by voice command, including transcriptions. I think its a great way to get ideas written down without having to worry about formulating them when typing them out.

You can order a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking on the company’s website, or download a torrent through a peer-to-peer sharing site.

You can download Dragon Dictation, an iPhone version of this app for free on iTunes to write text messages or update social media statuses hands-free on your phone. There is also Dragon Search which allows you to verbally search the web, social media, and iTunes.

Other Text to Speech Applications: