There are loads of resources on digital accessibility and inclusive design! Here are a collection of my favourites – and not to fear, all of which are free! (well, one is donation base)

Alternative (ALT) Text for Images

Assistive Technology

Contrast & Colour Checkers

Design Best Practices

Technical Guides

Microsoft Office applications:

Adobe Creative Suite applications:

Web content:

PDF Documents:

Reports and Surveys



Professional Networking & Conferences:

Most of these are free to attend, with the exception of CSUN, Guelph, and A11YTOconf.

Online – Global:

Global Accessible Awareness Day: In-person and online events by leading experts on a variety of topics.

Inclusive Design 24: 24 hour streaming of live 1 hour presentations and demos on accessibility.

Southern Ontario – Toronto area:

A11YTO Meet-up: largest accessibility and inclusive design professional networking group in the world happens to  be in Toronto. Similar groups exist around the world in different cities.

A11YTO Camp: free ‘un-conference’ on digital accessibility held once a year in Toronto– a must-attend event for anyone working in digital accessibility. Similar camps around the world in different cities (online search: A11Y Camp)

A11YTOconf: two day, one track accessibility conference in downtown Toronto.

Guelph Accessibility Conference: conference at Guelph University with a wide scope of topics and speakers.


CSUN: The most important conference on digital accessibility internationally takes place in San Diego annually. If you cannot attend in person, you can soak up the information via Twitter and through other online repositories. 

Note: there are loads of A11Y meet-up groups and camps in other places. Do a Google search for your/closest city!