Putting it in Perspective

I thought this was a great way to put disability in perspective using humour and everyday situations.


I thought this was a great way to put things in perspective using humour and everyday situations:

Here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2 if you’d like to see the whole video.

(I particularly enjoyed the waiter scene in Part 2. I think many people from different cultures and social class can relate to this as well)

Re-Thinking Education

Fun and short video by the RSA on the future of education.

During the Masters of Inclusive Design intensive at OCAD this year, there has been much talk on the future of education. Here is a video from RSA a classmate showed us that I feel made an excellent argument in an entertaining way:

Mind Mapping Apps

Mind-mapping / concept mapping is a great tool to have. Here are some free online applications to help layout your ideas!

Mind-mapping is a great tool to help layout your ideas. I didn’t quite understand the value of it until I went to grad school, but now I appreciate the illustrative thought process and organization it can allow. Here are some applications I found for free online that you can use for your own concept maps!


Screen capture of a mind map consisting of green square bubbles and a grey menu



Grey screen with a blue box surrounded by small white boxes to create a blank mind map


Blue screen with three mindmaps. Each mind map has either a pink, orange, or blue border with white centres and black type.


Dissertations Related to Eye Gaze Interface Design

Dissertations related to eye gaze technology, with a focus on interface design.

A young woman sits in front of a computer screen. Two red circles are aglow at the base of the screen where the infrared is reading her pupils as she types using her eyes.
Photo of author using the MyTobii, a computer operated by eye gaze.

During my research on interface design for eye gaze technology, I have found some interesting dissertations on the topic. For those who are interested in this area or related fields, here are some great reads:

Drewes, H. (2010). Eye Gaze Tracking for Human Computer Interaction. LFE Median-Informatik der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Muchen.

This is dissertation on eye tracking and is a wealth of information on the history and basic information on eye tracking,  Fitts Law for the eyes, and considerations for interface design. Also, it provides an insight into methodology and user testing used in the study of eye gaze interaction design.

Kumar, M. (2007). Gaze-enhanced User Interface Design. Stanford University.

This is a dissertation on using eye gaze to subsidize keyboard and mouse use to reduce repetitive strain injuries. Eye gaze is promoted as an alternative to point and selecting, scrolling, document navigation, switching between applications, password entry, and zooming for both able-bodied and disabled users.

Majaranta, P. (2009). Text Entry by Eye Gaze. University of Tampere.

This dissertation is on increasing text entry speed and accuracy by gaze through changes in the interface. Areas discussed include visual and auditory feedback, process and how it effects usability, and the addition of interaction widgets.

My own guidelines on user interface design for eye controlled computers is available online as a PDF, including a literature review.

If you have any dissertations or papers to suggest on interface design for eye gaze technology, please feel welcome to share them below in the comments section. Thank you.

Dragon: Text to Speech Application

Dragon Dictate is an application you can use to control a computer or smartphone by voice command and to transcribe speech.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is an application that allows you to operate a computer by voice command, including transcriptions. I think its a great way to get ideas written down without having to worry about formulating them when typing them out.

You can order a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking on the company’s website, or download a torrent through a peer-to-peer sharing site.

You can download Dragon Dictation, an iPhone version of this app for free on iTunes to write text messages or update social media statuses hands-free on your phone. There is also Dragon Search which allows you to verbally search the web, social media, and iTunes.

Other Text to Speech Applications: